A Higher Order of Intelligence

There is a higher order of intelligence to all this, of that I am convinced.

For myself I have experienced this ‘natural quantum intelligence’ as I have become more harmonious and balanced.

I certainly wasn’t always like this. In fact I spent most of my life way out of whack, and unaware of it. It was only when I got so toxic and had to take drastic action that I caught a glimpse of this natural order, and made a decision to seek it in my own life from that point on.

And that process took me years, and what a journey it was! (more on this in the future)

But eventually I found myself grounded in a new reality, a harmonious and balanced reality that resulted in a clear and discerning mind, and an amazing sense of connection between all aspects of my life, from the mundane to the divine. Yes, I experience being grounded in the body and connected to the heavens. Emotions and mind are my friends and allies, NOT my enemy or tormentor.
And after years of chronic illness I actually got well.

And then I realized how most people are unaware of their innate natural potential. I figured that if I was out of whack, then most people are also out of whack.

So I started coaching others to help them release blockages, old beliefs, and to bring new and fresh insights into their situations. It proved pretty successful. I am a good listener. In fact I love tuning in to other people’s lives, hearts and minds. I seem to have some crazy ability to step inside someone’s experience and understand the world as they do, yet still maintain an objective perspective.

“There’s something called “shamanic transference,” which basically has to do with when you share your process with someone who is empathic, their psyche gets activated to imagine into your process in a way which nonlocally affects your psyche, as if there are now two psyches, instead of one that are carrying and metabolizing the process” –

Paul Levy – http://www.awakeninthedream.com/private-practice/

In the UK I gave public talks about my journey back to health, and the process of transformation. I wrote a book about my experiences called ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life.

And then we moved to America!

My wife’s book deal and the possibility of living in California and spreading the word about her spiritual teaching drew us in and we gave up everything to come here. https://www.amodamaa.com/

Consequently I lost all my clients who were mostly UK and Europe based, and the public talks went. Now it’s almost a year later and I am slowly deciding to climb back in to my purpose, with renewed enthusiasm and understanding.

There is a great deal of chronic disease everywhere, and with that disease comes mental and emotional imbalance and distress.

Because of my work with many spiritual people (through the groups my wife runs) I get to see into the lives of many people looking for solutions.

And I am shocked by what I see. We have become quite fractured and dis-harmonious within ourselves, and within the greater experience. We think of our bodies as a separate entity from the rest of us. We are easily tormented and deluded by our own minds. We cling hold of our stories of wounding and trauma, and we live lives of high stress and anxiety.

And I’m afraid spiritual seekers often try and find comfort in a spirituality that doesn’t solve the existential issues they seek to resolve, but actually drives a greater wedge between them and their truth, and consolidates an already established ego self.

And they never get to experience this greater and natural intelligence that is their birthright and is available to everyone.

So I am offering sessions again, and will seek to do public talks about this holistic path to freedom.  It is powerful transformation that I share, but the rewards and benefits are exceptional. Improved health, relationships, mood, spiritual connection, creative expression, and even the discovery of one’s purpose, all these await.

Look at the picture at the top of the page. What do you see?

Chakras right? What I see is a representation of possibility. I see potential. I see a metaphor about how we can be greater than the sum of our parts. But I also see how easy it is for us to slip out of alignment with our true nature. We are built for harmony, but when there are too many assaults on us, as there are today, the possibility of achieving that harmony becomes very reduced.

This blog site is about providing information and inspiration to assist those who want to ‘return home.’


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